lincolncemeteryjpg-35c98f4c0353bf0cThe Montgomery Sunrise Rotary club is proud to be an important part of helping the River Region community suport benevelant endeavors in the area. One of the areas of focus we strive to address is sustainability of the projects we support. Our latest effort in this area is the rehabilitation and rejuvination of the Lincoln Cemetary here in Montgomery. The cemetary is a long neglected but very important piece of Montgomery and Alabama History. 

Lincoln Cemetery was opened in 1907. It was recognized as a great asset for the African-American community at that time. The cemetary is named after President Abraham Lincoln. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued only 45 years prior to the first burial in Lincoln Cemetary. 

People originally took great pride in the cemetery, and we should all continue to do so today. Regionally, Oakwood Cemetery is the well known final resting-place of Hank Williams Sr., but Lincoln Cemetery has some celebrity residents too. Rufus "Tee-Tot" Payne, mentor and fellow musician with Hank Williams, is buried in Lincoln in an unmarked grave. Hugh Carson, who served in the Alabama Legislature during Reconstruction, and Ben Moore, who the Ben Moore Hotel is named after are both buried there. The Ben Moore Hotel is located in the Centennial Hill neighborhood and is where Martin Luther King Jr. held meetings.

We believe taking care of Lincoln Cemetery is important because there is a lot of history there. Cemeteries portals to our past. They should be honored for this.

Because of this, we have undertaken to establish a foundation which can help maintain and preserve Lincoln Cemetary in perpetuity.

Stay tuned for more info as this project takes shape!